NZ Mountain running Championships preview

It’s been a busy week for a few including myself with the conclusion of the Athletics New Zealand Track & Field Championships in last Sunday and the Queenstown Mountain Run which doubles as the NZ Mountain Running Championship this Saturday.

Hamiltons Porritt stadium provided an entertaining 3 days of action with some awesome performances, some of which I was fortunate enough to be able to witness.

Link to: ANZ T&F champs results/review/photos
On Friday I featured in the 5000m and managed 16th place in a credible 15:54, 3 seconds off my PB set on the same track. This year assembled a very competitive field and made for great racing. I feel as though I am starting to regain some speed after what was a challenging 2016. Much of the credit must go to Rowan as I wouldnt have got this far without his guidance and support. He has helped me get in great race shape both mentally & physiclly. Being down at Newtown park in the howling wind and pouring rain is the measure of his commitment to enable me to give 110% every time I tow the start line.

I then quickly turned my focus to Queenstown focusing on recovery and being as sharp as possible. The field this year is looking very competitive and it would be a great pleasure to better my 3rd position of last year. Many weeks and months of preperation have gone into this race. The challenging and technical nature of mountain running suits my abilities so I am excited to see what I am capable of. 

Although I take pride in my performance, it is really the process which gets me up in the morning making the most of everyday and fulfilling my potential. 

Good luck to everyone crazy enough like me to run in the gruelling race at Ben Lomond! 

For more info go to this link: Queenstown Mountain run

“Nihyl Boni Sine Labore”

PNBHS school motto 

Nothing achieved without hard work

Bit nippy down these ways 😨


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